Hello Beautiful People! I am Rhiannon, a photographer, wife and mom. 

I began my interest in photography at 16 years old, and have since grown it into a full-time career photographing amazing clients, capturing moments they love! But, there is a whole lot more to me than the love for beautiful photos!


Something was telling me I was meant for something more!

Most days I still can't believe this is my real life. If you had told me 3 years ago that I'd have the opportunity to be a full-time photographer and business owner, I would have laughed. At that time I was working part-time for the local school district, being a wife and mother. My life was a constant race between taking care of my children, my home and, trying to help support my family. The thought of being an entrepreneur seemed daunting and far off, if not impossible!


I knew that the path I was on was not where I was supposed to be and the way I pictured my life wasn't the way it was mapped out. So one day I made a huge decision I upgraded my camera to a beginner DSLR from there I realized and remembered how much I loved photography! After a couple of years of doing sports photography, I took the leap into senior portraits after another mom asked me if I would take them for her son. I started down a path to pursue a dream that seemed unattainable! I feel so thankful that I have the opportunity to serve and love my clients! 

While photography is something that I am truly passionate about - creating lasting relationships with my clients is where my heart will always be!

Enough about how I how this business got started; Let's get to the important stuff!




For almost 3 years, my love has been photography. Capturing action and beautiful moments for my clients will never get old.




One of the longest titles I've carried and one of the best. I have held this title for the past 17 years and still fall in love with my husband more every day!




This title hands down is my favorite! I never knew that three mini versions of my husband and I could bring so much joy and happiness into our lives! Having this title for the last 16 years has to be the greatest thing I have been blessed with!

I don't do this alone! I have a team behind me and I want you to meet them!

My Husband

Meet Ben

I've known Ben since I was 17 years old. He walked into my life when I least expected it but also when I needed him the most. We began dating in 2002 and promised to spend the rest of our lives together in 2005! 

Ben is my best friend, my safe space when I am having a hard day, and my biggest supporter. I feel so lucky to be loved by him and call myself his wife!

My Oldest

Meet Gavin

Gavin came into our lives in 2006 and was the first person to give me the title of mom! He is so dedicated and persistent in pursuing his dreams. I have learned a few lessons along the way from him about pursuing my own dreams! When he isn't at school he is either in the gym or on the baseball field.

He was the inspiration behind getting serious about my photography! There is nothing I enjoy more than capturing some of his greatest sports moments from behind the camera except maybe cheering him on!

SFP_5202 (2).jpg

My Middle

Meet Teagen

Teagen is my child that keeps me on my toes! He is always going and never seems to sit still! This four-sport athlete gives me plenty of opportunities to work on my sports photography! 

He is a passionate teenager who enjoys being in front of the camera and isn't afraid to try one of his mom's crazy ideas! His confidence and personality shine through every time! He definitely pushes me to be wild and free!

My youngest

Meet Madilyn

Madilyn is no stranger to the stage or being behind the camera. I just love having a built-in model! She is a good mixture between girly girl and tomboy! She loves all things glitz and glitter but would ride through a mud puddle in a floor-length gown.

She is always chasing her dreams and at a young age isn't afraid to be herself. Her confidence dancing or speaking in front of hundreds of people is next to none! She has given me the strength to grow confidence within myself!